Dry Hair

For dry hair, use Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. Do not use soap. Always use a Conditioner after Shampooing your hair, this helps detangle the hair and keeps it hydrated. While your hair is damp apply a Leave in Conditioner. Reduce the use of hot styling implements. Dove, Neutrogena, Loreal etc. are some examples of the good brands. You have to try different brands to see which suits your hair. Use the same brand for at least 4 weeks before you decide.

For some home remedies: Apply mayonaise on the hair and leave it in for 5 mins. Wash it off with warm water, shampoo and conditioner.

Warm some coconut or olive oil and massage this on your scalp and hair, leave it in for at least 10 minutes before you wash your hair.

For more information, visit our ImperialSkin Channel for a number of Videos on managing Dry Hair.

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