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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Acne

I have Oily Skin, Pimples and some pigmentation near my lips areas. Can you please suggest how I can improve my Skin ?

Please review the Acne Pimples articles and also try one of the Home Remedies masks for lightening pigmentation and reducing acne. For significant pigmentation or acne that doesn't improve within a few weeks, we recommend you get advice from a dermatologist who can prescribe topical creams.

I'm suffering from Whiteheads. What should I do to cure this condition ?

Please review the Whiteheads articles and we suggest that once a month you go to a qualified Esthetician for a deep cleansing facial treatment which includes extractions.

Why does Acne affect some Adults as well as Teenagers ?

Acne results from the action of hormones on the skin's oil glands, so it affects both Adults and Teenagers.

Can Facials reduce Acne occurrence ?

Regular facials that include steam and extractions may help reduce Acne. Some products may sometimes irritate the skin after a facial be sure to tell the esthetician/beautician if that happens so they can use different products instead.

I have much Acne and Blackheads on my face. What can I do to prevent them ?

Exfoliate your face twice a week with a cleanser that contains microbeads or a soft face brush, this removes the dead skin from the face and helps clear the pores.

Can Benzoyl Peroxide help reduce Acne ?

Benzoyl peroxide helps dry out the acne, use it in the evenings and stop using it after a couple of months to help your skin recover.


Unknown said...

is it safe to use tablets recommened by doctor for the prevention of acne....can we use it often when acne appears

anushree said...

hi..i've had lots of pimples in my teenage and they left me with open pores now(though i don't have pimples now)..what should i do to get rid of the open pore problem.

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