Oily Hair

People who have oily and acne skin usually have oily hair. The texture of your hair can also be the cause of oily hair, people with fine and straight hair tend to have oily scalp. The reason for this is that at the base of each hair shaft on our scalp are oil glands that produce oil to keep the hair healthy. People with finer hair have more hair shafts and so more oil glands. Heat and humidity can make the problem worse, so can hormonal changes for example stress can activate the oil glands.

Wash your hair daily with a clarifying shampoo and make sure you massage your scalp with the shampoo to remove excess oil. Do not use a conditioner on your hair as this makes the problem worse. If you have to use the conditioner then apply it on the ends of the hair only, avoid putting it on or near the scalp. Do not over brush or comb your hair near the scalp as this process stimulates the oil glands. If you have to use styling products apply it on the ends only.

For a home remedy: Try one lemon squeezed in one cup of water or 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to one cup water, apply this mixture with a cotton ball on your scalp and leave it on for few minutes and then wash it off with a clarifying shampoo.

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sasha said...

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