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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Home Remedies

Is there a home remedy for Acne Pimple marks ?

Try one of the face masks in the articles on Home Remedies. If this does not help then try microdermabrasion treatments.

Is there a home remedy for Dandruff ?

Warm some olive oil or coconut oil and massage into your scalp, then wash your hair with warm water and a gentle shampoo. This helps with dandruff.

Is there a home remedy for Dark Underarms and Neck ?

Darkness under the arms is normally caused by shaving or could be hormonal. Darkness on the neck can be caused by friction, e.g. if you wear a necklace all the time or again by hormones. Mix lemon juice and sugar and rub the dark areas, do this daily to notice a difference. If you shave your underarms, try waxing instead or get laser hair removal. If the problem persists use lightening creams with Kojic acid. Your doctor will be able to recommend something.

Is there a home remedy for Hair Loss ?

Hair loss is normally caused by stress and diet. 

Apply warm olive oil on your scalp and massage your scalp for 5 minutes, take a towel and wet it with warm water and wrap it around your head. Leave it on for 5 minutes and wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.
If the hairloss is significant, go see your doctor. They will run some test to see if you have any hormonal issues.

Is there a home remedy for Dry Hair ?

For dry hair, use Hydrating shampoo and Conditioner, do not use soap. While your hair is damp apply a "Leave in Conditioner". Reduce the use of hot styling implements.
 For home remedy apply mayonaise on the hair and leave it in for 5 min. Wash it off with warm water and shampoo.

Is there a home remedy for Freckles ?

Freckles are normally caused by the sun, so make sure you wear sunscreen SPF15 and above everyday. This will also stop the freckles from darkening.
 Use a moisturizing cream that has AHAs or Kojic acid, these products help lighten pigmentation, they also make your skin sun sensitive so make sure you wear sunscreen if you use it.
 For home remedy, slice a lemon sprinkle sugar on it and rub this on the skin, over time it will lighten the freckles.

Is there a home remedy for White Heads ?

Milia are whiteheads, that appear on the face especially around the eyes, cheeks and nose area. This happens when sebum and dead skin cells become trapped under the skin. 

Exfoliate your face twice a week with a soft brush and your cleanser. Look for cleansers with glycolic acid or salicylic acid and use this twice a day to wash your face. Use a moisturizer that has AHA or Vitamin C and E. Make sure you also wear sunscreen SPF 15 or more as whiteheads get worse with sunlight.

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