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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Hair Issues

What can I do to prevent hair loss ?

Please read the article on Hair Loss for tips. We normally lose more hair at certain time of the year. If it is a significant hair loss then we suggest that you go and see your doctor, sometimes sudden hair loss implies health issues. It is normal to loose 30 - 50 hair a day.

How can I prevent Dandruff ?

Please read the article on Dandruff for tips to cure and prevent its occurrence.

How can I make curly hair straight ?

You can use a flat iron styling tool to make your hair straight. Do not use it everyday as long term use of it damages the hair, once a week is good enough. Apply leave in conditioner to the ends of the hair before using the flat iron to protect it from the direct heat.

I have Oily hair. Should I use a conditioner ?

Stop using conditioner on your hair. Instead use a clarifying shampoo to remove excess oil. Clarifying shampoos are normally clear in colour.

I have a round face with long, thinning hair. What hair cut do you recommend ?

Go for a long layered haircut, make sure the hairdresser also layers the hair around your face. Layers add volume to the hair and frames the face making it look slimmer. Do ask your hairdresser for advice on what style she thinks would suit your face.

After washing my hair looks dry, and then oily the following day. What hair wash should I use ?

Use a shampoo for oily hair. When you shampoo your hair, massage the shampoo into your scalp to remove excess oil. Only use the conditioner on the ends of your hair and not near your scalp.

What can I do for rough hair ?

You may have dry hair, start by using hydrating shampoo and conditioners. Please also read the article on Dry Hair for more info.

I have dry, dull hair despite using several big name brands. Can you suggest some brands of Shampoo and Conditioners as most aren't working for me ?

It takes four to five weeks for the hair to get used to the new products so give it time to work. Loreal, Garnier, Sunsilk, Neurtrogena and the more expensive lines like Paul Mitchell, Biolage and Kerastase are all good brands. Make sure you apply conditioners on the hair and not the scalp. 

For home remedy for dry hair, apply warm olive oil or coconut oil on the hair and wrap a warm damp towel around the head for 10 minutes. Shampoo and Condition the hair.
 You can also apply mayonnaise on the hair once a week for 10 minutes before washing it.

What brands of leave-in conditioners are recommended ?

Most leave in conditioners work really well, look for leave-in conditioners that say for Frizzy Hair or dry hair. Try the professional salon brands, they maybe a little expensive but have more active ingredients e.g. Paul Mitchell, Wella, Keratase etc.

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