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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Dark Circles

What are effective brands of products to remove Dark Circles ?

Unfortunately not an easy answer as all our skin react differently to products so you will have to try different brands for few weeks to see which one works the best for you. Some of the brands you can try are Estee Lauder, Clinic, Neutrogena, Garnier etc. You need to apply very little of the cream so it lasts a long time, so get a good brand.
Use a good concealer to help cover the dark circles in the meantime. Also read these articles on Dark Circles.

I've tried products and remedies and nothing seems to work. Any other options ?

Most of the time dark circles are genetic or due to health issue. Talk to your doctor or a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis. Depending on what is causing the circles under your eyes, your doctor may recommend prescription creams or a combination of treatments to erase or reduce discoloration.

 You can also apply a concealer to help diminish the dark circles, make sure you match the colour to your skin tone.

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