What is Back Acne ?

Although Acne (also known as Pimples) is often associated with the face, the back of our bodies is also afflicted by this condition and is more prevalent in men than women, although women do suffer as well. Back acne is also often referred to as 'Bacne' for short.

The main cause of Bacne is clogged sweat glands aggravated by perspiration from activities that cause excessive sweating, e.g. running, gym workout, and garden work. To alleviate the condition, it is important to wash and cleanse the skin on the back as soon as possible.

Another reason for bacne is the accumulation of excess dead skin cells and to help manage this we recommend daily use of a mild exfoliate in the shower to help with its removal using a back scrubber with a mild cleanser to reach the difficult to reach areas of the back. As the case for facial acne, avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners to ensure the skin is not irritated or inflamed. On completion of a shower, blot dry the skin with a clean towel and then apply an acne treatment with anti-bacterial agents, such as Benzoyl Peroxide, to the shoulder and back areas.

In some cases you might have stubborn back acne related to hereditary issues which will require an oral antibiotic to treat. Typically bacne is more stubborn than facial acne and resists treatment however because the skin on the back is also tougher, bacne can be treated more aggressively. While mild cleansers that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can help treat milder outbreaks, great care should be taken with aggressive oral medications as these can lead to depression and should be avoided by those going through a stressful period. Opt instead for topical treatments if depression is an issue for you.

Since bacteria coupled with perspiration will aggravate bacne, you should always wear clean clothing when exercising. Especially put a clean towel between you and exercise machines/mats in a gym to avoid picking up additional germs. Avoid steam rooms/saunas right after a sweaty workout - take a shower beforehand to remove dirt/bacteria as the heat will increase sebum production which will harden and form a plug to clog your pores which in turn can be infected by the bacteria.

A monthly Acne Facial or a Back Facial treatment is recommended as a professional Aesthetician will have all the tools and equipment to help maintain a healthy skin. After the Acne is gone, to help reduce blemishes and scars we also recommend Back Microdermabrasion.

For more information, visit our ImperialSkin Channel for a number of Videos on Back Acne treatment.

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